Can You Belief PCR Take a look at Outcomes?


Hospitalization charges1 related to COVID have dropped from a excessive of 132,500 People on January 6, 2021, to 71,500 on February 12, 2021. The U.S. had 920,000 staffed hospital beds in 2019,2 of which 14.4% harbored a COVID case in January 2021, and seven.8% accomplish that far in February 2021.

This large drop was predicted. Each hospitalized affected person is examined for COVID, typically repeatedly, utilizing PCR tests with excessive false optimistic charges. False positives are due in appreciable half to exorbitant cycle thresholds. This refers back to the most variety of doublings which can be allowed in the course of the take a look at.

The issue attributable to extreme cycle thresholds was effectively described in an August 2020 New York Instances article,3 however has in any other case been ignored by the mass media. Dr. Sin Grasp Lee, director of Connecticut-based Milford Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory, challenged4 the FDA’s reliance on exorbitant cycle thresholds in its acceptance of efficacy claims for Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine in early December 2020. He and FDA stay engaged on this debate.

The WHO instructed PCR take a look at customers and producers on December 14, 2020,5 and once more on January 20, 2021,6 that PCR cycle thresholds wanted to return down. The December 14 steering said WHO’s concern concerning “an elevated danger for false SARS-CoV-2 outcomes” and pointed to “background noise which can result in a specimen with a excessive cycle threshold worth consequence being [incorrectly] interpreted as a optimistic consequence.”

The primary instruction7 has been outmoded by the second, which moreover advises on scientific use of the take a look at:8 If the “take a look at outcomes don’t correspond with the scientific presentation, a brand new specimen needs to be taken and retested …”

Whereas this suggests that the take a look at ought to solely be carried out in these with signs, and its outcomes needs to be interpreted with the scientific context in thoughts, most PCR assessments within the U.S. are used very otherwise: to display asymptomatics at work, at schools and universities and to allow border crossings.

No Warning Is Utilized to the Outcomes

One single optimistic take a look at defines somebody as a COVID case. But, it’s well-known,9 and was acknowledged in WHO’s January 2021 steering, that screening in low COVID prevalence conditions, reminiscent of within the screening of asymptomatics, will increase the chance of false positives.

And, the chance will increase because the prevalence of illness drops, such that in conditions of low illness prevalence, it is not uncommon to search out that almost all positives are literally false positives. For instance, see this [referenced] BMJ chart after which the real-life instance within the remark under it.10

Everybody within the discipline knew that the PCR take a look at outcomes had been bogus. Even Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted11 in July 2020 that cycle thresholds above 35 weren’t measuring virus, and moreover that virus couldn’t be cultured from samples that required a excessive variety of cycles to indicate positivity.

However the drumbeat from the Coronavirus Process Power12 and a few lecturers13 and others14 was “take a look at all, take a look at typically” — regardless of the inordinate numbers of false positives and negatives. Congress repeatedly15 allotted16 many billions of {dollars} for testing (typically free for the individual being examined) and so testing rapidly mushroomed.

Almost 2 million COVID assessments a day17 had been recorded within the U.S. between November 20, 2020, and January 19, 2021. Most of those have been PCR assessments that, regardless of their issues, are nonetheless thought-about essentially the most correct. Many of the remaining assessments carried out had been speedy antigen assessments. These assessments too endure from excessive false optimistic charges, because the FDA warned in November 2020.18

Whereas each day deaths have solely dropped about 15% since January 12, 2021, there have been dramatic drops in the course of the month in new instances19 (down 60% from 250,000 new instances a day to 100,000) and, as famous, in hospitalizations20 (down 46%). Reviews declare greater than 486,000 People have died from COVID as of February 16, 2021.21

Nonetheless, none of those numbers is dependable. Along with inaccurate PCR outcomes, a wide range of different measures have skewed the reported variety of deaths from COVID. Whereas CDC electronically codes different causes of loss of life, it has chosen at hand code each COVID loss of life,22 and explains:

“It takes additional time to code COVID-19 deaths. Whereas 80% of deaths are electronically processed and coded by NCHS inside minutes, most deaths from COVID-19 have to be coded by an individual, which takes a median of seven days.”

CDC Treating COVID Deaths In a different way

I’m ready for CDC to reply my Freedom of Info Act question, which requested the protocol CDC’s coders use for coding COVID-19 as a explanation for loss of life. Why is CDC treating COVID deaths otherwise from deaths attributable to different situations?

CDC modified the best way it coded loss of life certificates for a COVID-caused loss of life in March 2020, to incorporate everybody for whom COVID is in any approach contributory to the loss of life. By inserting completely different elements of the directions about coding on completely different internet pages, CDC efficiently hid what it was doing.

On one web page, the steering23 states, “If COVID-19 is decided to be a explanation for loss of life, it needs to be reported on the loss of life certificates.” On a special webpage, CDC states: “When COVID-19 is reported as a explanation for loss of life on the loss of life certificates, it’s coded and counted as a loss of life attributable to COVID-19.”24

CDC has inspired suppliers to be beneficiant with COVID designations.25 And the COVID loss of life definition seems to be a shifting goal,26 variable throughout states. CDC makes an attempt to clarify27 why its mortality numbers don’t add up, and consists of this excuse: “Different reporting techniques use completely different definitions or strategies for counting deaths.” However it’s CDC that selected to not problem uniform pointers.

COVID Analysis Liberally Utilized

Anybody with a optimistic COVID take a look at who dies inside 30 days of the take a look at is counted as a loss of life attributable to COVID, even when COVID shouldn’t be talked about on the loss of life certificates in Nevada.28 Colorado coroners are being compelled to checklist gunshot wound deaths as due to COVID29,30 if the sufferer had a optimistic current take a look at. Oregon’s well being company reported in August 2020:31

“We take into account COVID-19 deaths to be: Deaths during which a affected person hospitalized for any purpose inside 14 days of a optimistic COVID-19 take a look at consequence dies within the hospital or inside the 60 days following discharge. Deaths during which COVID-19 is listed as a major or contributing explanation for loss of life on a loss of life certificates.”

CDC guesstimates that many deaths, maybe half, which checklist generic pneumonia as the reason for loss of life are literally COVID deaths, and redesignates them as COVID-caused deaths.

CDC created a brand new statistical class for deaths, titled “Pneumonia, Influenza and COVID-19,” or PIC,32,33 to facilitate this redesignation.

CDC admitted:34

“Weekly mortality surveillance information embody a mix of machine coded and manually coded causes of loss of life collected from loss of life certificates. Previous to week 4 (the week ending January 30, 2021), the odds of deaths attributable to PIC had been increased amongst manually coded information than extra quickly obtainable machine coded information.

Enhancements have been made to the machine coding course of that enable for extra COVID-19 associated deaths to be machine coded, and going ahead, the share of PIC deaths amongst machine coded and manually coded information are anticipated to be extra comparable.

The information offered are preliminary and anticipated to vary as extra information are acquired and processed, however the quantity of change within the proportion of deaths attributable to PIC needs to be decrease going ahead. Weeks for which the most important modifications within the proportion of deaths attributable to PIC could happen are highlighted in grey within the determine under and needs to be interpreted with warning.”

Percentage of PIC deaths

CDC applies a number of statistical methods to take care of anomalous information earlier than publishing its explanation for loss of life outcomes. The uncooked loss of life information are usually not made obtainable to the general public.

If COVID is listed as one contributor to a loss of life on the loss of life certificates, even when the loss of life is attributable to most cancers or coronary heart assault, CDC relabels it a loss of life attributable to COVID.

As a result of hospitals are paid a number of occasions extra by Medicare for sufferers who’ve been given a COVID prognosis, and a optimistic COVID take a look at shouldn’t be required, it’s assumed that the prognosis of COVID is utilized liberally in hospitalized sufferers.

By altering the strategies by which it performs its calculations, CDC has made it unimaginable to match prior yr statistics with the interval because the onset of COVID.

Doctor and former Minnesota state legislator Scott Jensen described an audit35 of loss of life certificates attributed to COVID in Minnesota. The loss of life certificates itemizing COVID because the underlying explanation for loss of life totaled 2,715, however the deaths attributed to COVID included an additional 878 deaths, a 32% enhance.

The Public Is within the Darkish

By accepting excessive cycle thresholds for COVID PCR tests, CDC significantly expanded the numbers of COVID-positive instances, hospitalizations and deaths. Through the use of a wide range of idiosyncratic and altering statistical measures, CDC was in a position to management and additional enhance the variety of deaths attributed to COVID-19.

I don’t imply to suggest that the PCR assessments, whose producers could have not too long ago diminished their cycle thresholds, at the moment are correct. Over 200 completely different PCR assessments have been “approved” underneath emergency guidelines36 by the FDA, which to date has not standardized or formally authorised them.

The general public is at midnight as as to whether and the way every particular person take a look at could have modified in response to WHO’s instruction, and we stay uninformed in regards to the accuracy of every take a look at. Actually, it has been established37 by the American Faculty of Pathology that COVID-19 PCR take a look at outcomes are usually not reproducible.

By hand-coding every loss of life attributable to COVID, CDC gave itself the ability to find out what number of COVID deaths could be counted at any explicit time. And by creating excessively free case definitions38 for COVID, a number of of which didn’t require a single signal of sickness, only a optimistic take a look at, CDC was in a position to calibrate the variety of COVID-positive instances by the speed at which it rolled out assessments to the nation.

At present, the media are telling us to rejoice. Maryland has simply gotten its proportion of optimistic COVID assessments under 5%,39 when a month in the past the speed was 8.76%. In my state of Maine, a discount within the proportion of take a look at outcomes which can be optimistic has turned all counties “inexperienced,” permitting faculties to be open.40 How a lot of this is because of dialing down the cycle thresholds?

We Are Being Lied Into the Abyss

Issues are worse, issues are higher. Put on no masks41 — no, put on a masks — hey, put on two masks.42 New variants with much more infectivity are coming! However they’re no extra deadly, and SARS-CoV-2 is sort of infectious already, so will the brand new strains make an considerable distinction?

It appears that evidently regardless of having recovered from COVID, you might be reinfected with the brand new viral strains. However how widespread is that? Does it merely imply you’ll be able to have a optimistic PCR take a look at, however be in any other case asymptomatic? I discovered solely a single case report43 of an individual changing into severely sick from a brand new pressure after having recovered from authentic COVID.

  • The purpose is to maintain us begging for the newest vaccine as quickly as we now have acquired the final, however no-longer-effective, vaccine.
  • The purpose is to maintain developing with narratives to justify locking us up and lowering productiveness.
  • The purpose is to maintain us frightened and confused and unable to make use of our wits.
  • The purpose is to cease us wanting deeply and clearly into what is occurring, whereas the media blares COVID hysteria nonstop.

Our households are being torn aside. Our small companies are going bankrupt. Our international locations, and doubtless we ourselves, are being scooped up by the banks, as borrowing on an unheard-of scale persists at a dizzying tempo. Who can pay these money owed? What would be the value? Are you able to see that the looting and crashing of our economies is intentional, buttressed by lie after lie?

We’re being lied into the abyss. Our so-called leaders are tossing us and particularly our kids and grandchildren over a cliff. They threw away our Structure way back. Now, they’ve stolen and offered our future.

Please relax. Flip off all of the “information” and ponder what has been taking place. We will repair this mess, as soon as sufficient of us perceive it. Give it the time and focus it deserves. Our leaders will not save us. Solely WE can.