Information roundup: American Rescue Plan passes; Republicans echo hate group; Trump caught on tape


Right now’s most important information was the House passage of the American Rescue Plan, which now goes to President Joe Biden’s desk to be signed into legislation. That wasn’t the one information of the day, nevertheless. This is a number of the remainder of it:

Study shows Republican governors politicized their COVID-19 response, generating needless suffering

Trump caught on tape demanding Georgia investigator look for fraud in Atlanta

If it seems like Republicans sound like hate group, it’s because they are sounding like hate group

Poll finds voters continue to support path to citizenship—and will be angry if Congress doesn’t act

Trump Golf Club pool boy must now fund NAACP Scholarship

From the group:

How It’s Done: Professor Porter Schools Oil Executive

Blabbering Anti-Pelosi Ad By Rep Boebert Concludes With A Threatening Flourish-An Audible Gunshot!