The Different Types of Kids Shoes: A Guide


Kids’ shoes come in all types and sizes, so it’s important to know what type is best for your child. Here’s a guide to the different types of kids’ shoes.

The world of children’s footwear can often be confusing, with many different types and styles. However, there’s something for every occasion, from school shoes to dress shoes, sneakers to sandals. Here is a guide to the various kids’ shoes available today.

What are Kids Shoes?

Kids shoes are designed to support and protect young children’s growing feet. Shoes for kids come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, from slip-on sneakers to lace-up dress shoes. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right type of kids’ shoes, such as the type of activity they will be used for, the materials and construction of the shoe, and the fit.

School Shoes

When it comes to school shoes, comfort and durability are key. Select a pair that fits snugly and has plenty of support to protect your child’s feet during class. Popular options include Mary Janes and loafers – both look cute and offer plenty of stability and cushioning. When selecting school shoes, always remember to go up by half a size so that the shoes have room for growing feet.

Dress Shoes

Dressier occasions call for a different kind of shoe that is smart enough for any formal event or party. For example, you may want a patent leather oxford for an older child or perhaps something more playful, like glittery ballet flats for younger ones. Don’t forget a nice pair of sandals too – perfect for summer! The most important thing when looking for dressy footwear is that it fits properly and offers enough protection from slippery surfaces or uneven ground.


Sneakers are essential to any kid’s closet – they’re comfortable, durable, and great for running around! For active activities like sports or playground trips, look out for breathable materials such as mesh fabric that keeps feet cool even after hours of training. Plenty of designs are available on the market now, too; whether it’s bright colours or cartoon characters they like, you’re sure to find something they love!


Summer months mean lots of outdoor fun – but don’t forget to get your mini-me some sandals too! Investing in good quality waterproof sandals will keep their feet safe from sharp rocks, hot pavements and other hazards on the beach or in the park. Also, many strap options keep their toes safe and have pretty designs. If you prefer something cuter –make sure they fit correctly before you buy them (you don’t want blisters).


When it comes to winter months, boots are a must! Whether you’re looking for something waterproof and insulated or just a stylish design that looks good with jeans, there’s a perfect pair of boots out there waiting to be found. Please ensure you factor in the weather when picking out boots, and remember to buy a half-size larger so they last longer.

Whether it’s kids shoes for school, dress shoes, sneakers or sandals, kids need foot protection no matter their age! So choose carefully and make sure your kids care for this season with proper footwear choices – happy shopping!